1. I-Guardian

I- Guardian is a web-based solution especially designed for parents. Using iguardian, schools can help their stakeholders collaborate easily. The system not only enhances your web-presence, helps track and maintain students; performace, streamlines administrative processes, but also greatly increases participation of students' parents in the education process. Components of I-Guardian: Benefits of I- guardian to Parents

Real time information on pupil's progress

Attendance, assignments, achievements, exam results.. parents get everyday information about their child's progress.

No compulsion to buy a computer

Parents receive information through mobile text message so the communication with the school/college never breaks.

Comprehensive performance review

Teachers, students and parents can view interactively generated graphical report cards and review the child's academic performance over the year(s)

Increased student interest in school

Students can easily compare attendance, assignments and results, and work towards improving participation in academic and co-curricular activities

Increased involvement in child’s career planning

With parents’ lifestyles chock-a-block with work commitments, iguardian makes it easier for them to work with their child and his/her teachers activities

Workshops with parents on using I-guardian

Workshops with parents to familiarize them with I-guardian tools and their uses


MyPedia is a single unified learning platform that simplifies life for all stakeholders in the school education system.

About My Pedia

MyPedia brings together a truly innovative pedagogical design for teaching and learning. It facilitates visible improvement in learning, brings cutting edge technology that ensures learning continues even beyond school hours. It also contains an incisive and in-depth assessment and post-assessment framework and a perennial & impactful support mechanism that ensures there is a strong and obvious case of skills enhancement and rise in learning capacities for every learner.


Sparks Independent Thinking and Analytical Ability

Helps students to build linkages among concepts and think NEW.

Builds Higher Order Thinking Skills

Stimulates other areas of learning such as Life Skills, Gender Sensitivity, Society at large etc.

Enhances Vocabulary and Communication Skills

Special emphasis on fostering Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

Uses Assessment as a pedagogical tool to enhance learning levels for each student.

Active Digital Support for accelerated learning

Engaging Student App for that empowers in-depth exploration of skills and concepts even at Home

Facilitates the students to understand different curricular areas in greater depth

Supports the development of Critical Reasoning Capacities

Helps connects Lessons to LIFE

Powers the development of each child and helps prepare them for future learning, life and work