On 4th August, 2018, a mock drill on Earthquake was conducted for School safety preparedness. Students and teachers actively participated and helped in evacuation. Student's rescue team was given proper guidance to help students during the mock drill.

At 12:30pm, the 1st bell rang prompting a mad scramble in every classroom. Bags were shoved aside as students dived under their desks for cover. Teachers and non teaching staff were also involved. 2nd bell relieved them of their discomfiture as they immediately formed themselves into proper lines and prepared to walk briskly through the escape routes all the way to the ground.

As per instructions, they held their hands/book over their heads protecting it from any injury. There was no collision between classroom lines and no confusion regarding the routes while reaching the ground, all done in a matter of minutes. It was a successful mock drill as everyone performed it perfectly. Students took keen interest and understood its importance.