School picnics or excursions are always very exciting and highly enriching. They add spice to our life and give never-ending memories to the students and teachers. Teachers as well as students get relief from a routine life and get time to spend with each other in a new environment.

Also they build a sense of independence and develop a strong bonding among themselves.

School trips and excursions have always been thrilling and exciting for students. It’s a fun-filled, lifetime experience which can be cherished and relived forever. To avail such an opportunity to the students of IX to XII, an Excursion to Jim Corbett National Park was organized from 18 to 20 May 2023. The trip provided the students with an enthralling opportunity to explore many new things such as trekking, jungle safari, and visiting the Corbett museum. Serene ambience, DJ party and pool were all mesmerizing. Students enjoyed their stay throughout and returned rejuvenated.