Workshop is a safe, playful and educational environment where students, parents and teachers develop a deeper self-expression and self-awareness of themselves. Our school conducts various workshops for parents, students and teachers separately every year. We focus on teaching in valuable life skills and assets to the people. This program helps them to deal effectively with everyday situations and inspires positive growth and change.

1. Teacher’s Workshop
Workshop on Motivation for students.
Workshop on professional attitude among staff members.

2. Student’s Workshop
Nursery to KG: Good vs Bad Habits.
Nursery to KG: Eating Habits.
Nursery to III: Moral Values, Good Manners & Table Manners.
I- V: How to handle Abuse.
I-V: Behavior & Importance of Relationship.
IV-VI: Importance of balance diet.
VII- VIII: Importance of nutritional diet.
VII to VIII: Cyber Abuse & Aggression.
VII-VII: Problem of over eating & adulteration.
IX- XII: What is sexual abuse?
IX-XII: Assertiveness & Aggressiveness.
IX-XII: Nutritional Hazards of drugs, alcohol & smoking.

3. Parent’s Workshop
Healthy Tiffin Recipes
Effective Parenting Strategies in Handling Kids
Motivate Children for Healthy Eating .
How to deal with abuse occurring in kids during the daily activities of living?
How to convert Junk food to Healthy & dietary management for obesity?
How to deal with persistent disobedience and aggression in children?