Health and wellness club is an association of teachers, students and staff members’ in school to promote health, cleanliness and sanitation in the school. The ultimate goal of the health and wellness club is to empower the students to be a change agent under the supervision of program coordinator.

Purpose To ensure cleanliness and overall health of students in the school

• To create awareness among the school and community at large related to cleanliness and hygiene.
• Encourage plantation of tree.
• Encourage the students for 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recreate)
• Conduct and organize training, workshop , Role play, skits and various activities related to proper hygiene and sanitation.


Purpose – The committee aims at promoting guidelines and preparing students to tackle any disaster.


• Training of students and teacher to deal with any natural disaster.
• Ensure evacuation process starts immediately after the alarm and respective people are on their place.
• Check all rooms, labs, washrooms; library to ensure students is left.


• Make sure first aid supplies are up to date and always available. It should be checked every second month.
• Proper training of the team members.
• Make them aware of the special need students medical requirements if any.
• Inform teacher coordinator/ Nurse about any injured person and start the first aid immediately.
• Be in touch with local medical dispensary / hospital.


School enterprise is organized and owned by the school but operated and managed by the students.

Purpose: It aims to help young people to become socially responsible entrepreneurs who think not only of profit but also think about their planet and people around.

• Aims at overall development of the students.
• An enterprise on the community that have an positive impact on the community we live in.


Blog Post team aims at providing a platform to students to share ideas, learning and experience globally on various topics.

Purpose It aims at developing the writing skills and reflecting upon what they have learned and what other’s for same age are learning around the world.

• Developing an open archive of learning and promoting digital learning in the classroom.