A SPOON FULL OF TASTE: As an initiative under ISA , the school has organised an educational trip for classes IX & X to “Mother Diary” under the guidance of teachers to provide a practical knowledge about the manufacturing of milk and milk related products.

Students have also learnt about manufacturing process of milk of various counties viz:Italy, USA and China by means of various information provided on the internet viz: PPT, Videos etc.

Cooking Without Fire and Food Fiesta was organized by the students of classes VI-VIIIand IX – X to understand the nutritional value of fibrous food products of different countries, like India , China, Italy, Mexico and USA.

MATHS MONTH (Maths with Fun): As an initiative under ISA , students will be organizing Maths months, wherein they will be learning about various mathematicians of different countries and present teaching methodology of different countries by means of different activities: viz; Scrap book, Group discussion, Power Point presentation , Quiz , Skit etc.

DISASTER MANAGEMENT: Students will be creating disaster management corner explaining different types of disasters, Do's and Do not’s at the time of disaster and ways of tackling disaster in various countries viz Japan, China with the help of various activities viz: posters, articles, collage and T-shirt painting.

An Exhibition, ‘Educational Panorama’ was organized at JKG International School Vijay Nagar on 9th August 2014 as a part of ISA activity.

The students displayed their creative genius in making outstanding models of various Banks, existing parliament system and pollution of various countries like India, China, Japan, USA & UK. The live demonstration of Indian Parliament session with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech and working of various Banks i.e J.P Morgan Bank of U.S.A, Bank of China and BOB (Bank of Baroda) was awesome. The visiting parents were left captivated by the skill and flair on the display of their wards. Our school Principal , Ms. Anju Gaur and other dignitaries lauded the efforts of the student and teacher.

Disaster Management: As an initiative under ISA, students of classes VII to X have exhibited their understanding of disaster and disaster management via various Charts, T- Shirt Painting , Collages and model on recent disasters in Jammu & Kashmir, Odisha etc. Parents were overwhelmed to see the student’s creativity and whole heartedly have appreciated their work. To understand the concept deeply, a small documentary has been prepared by students and shown to the parents also. Parents were full of emotions by actually seeing and feeling the disastrous effect of the various disasters and the efforts put to manage the calamity.


In order to tackle with the problems related with natural disasters and to create awareness among the students NDRF 8th Battalion Kamla Nehru Nagar, Gzb organized a mockdrill on 29.10.2014 for classes VIII to X at JKG Sr Sec School, Vijaynagar, Gzb. The enthusiasm of the students was at the peak in the Dog show in which they came to know about the help that dogs can even provide during disaster. The whole event was appreciated by our management committee.

Disaster Rally ISA (Activity)

JKG Sr. Sec. School, works out various social welfare plans periodically and for the month of Oct it was Disaster Management. To make the people aware the students from classes VI to X clubbed with the students of Rotary Interact Club were taken on a Rally carrying banners & placards on causes, effects & measures to be taken during various disasters starting from the school ground to Chanakya Chowk. The effort was well appreciated by all. Both these activities (Mock Drill and Rally) also a part of our ISA project (Hope for the best and prepare for the worst).

Inter House Competition (Maths Skit and Quiz)

On 31st October 2014, an Inter School Competition as an ISA activity was held at our school named as “Skittles Maths with Fun”. In which renowned schools of Ghaziabad as, Sun Valley International School, SSK Public School, Silver Line Prestige School, JKG International School, DDPS, Indrapuram Public School, Rose Bell Public School, Gurukul The school participated. In this competition children participated in 2 activities. The first one was Histrioic Maths which was based on Role play/skit VII, VIII class students took part in it. Another one was “Brain Storming’ with brain waves” based on Quiz Competition. IX, X class students took part in it . There was a great enthusiasm among the students participating from all schools. In all their co-operation team work and presence of mind of students made it a great success. Our school also participated as an host team not as an competitor.

JKG Sr. Secondary School had organised Annual Day for classes Pre Nursery to Class II named ‘Golden Castle’ based on the cultures of different countries. It served a primary purpose of bridging gaps between countries and their cultures and bringing people together, making them aware of the various cultures worldwide. It also served as a medium to let the creative geniuses of the little children out. The Annual Day took place on22nd November, 2014 in the school Auditorium and was presided over by Mr. J.K. Gaur, honourable director, Ms. Anju Gaur, honourable Principal, Mr. Karun Gaur, Administrative Director and Ms. Yashi Bala, Academic Director.

The children put up a brilliant show filled with dance performances, song recitals, circus show, shadow act and skits that made the Annual Day a big success. The event was attended by parents and staff which also helped in making this event a success. It was a part of British Council’s list of activities recommended to the participating schools.

Under ISA Activity JKG. Sr. Sec. School’s Thespian Art organised on 24th January,2015 exhibited the plays of eminent writers and playwrights who left indelible inprints on earth through their works. The stage lit up with a wonderful display of the portraits of William Shakespeare, Vikram Seth, William Wordsworth etc. The creative & inherent talent of the students was exposed in the form of an enthralling performance presented by the students of IX and X enacting the famous scene of death from Shakespear’s , Julius Caesar the scene of mercy from The Merchant of venice, enactment of the Bishop’s candlesticks and the humorous presentation of The Tale of Melon City were a sight. The performers left the viewers, spell bound with their mesmerizing performances . The enthusiasm, zeal and team spirit of the students in this project was well demonstrated through their colourful project files. The effort of the teacher and students was well appreciated by the school management and other staff members.