In the year 1972, the vision of a forerunner and educationist Mr. J. K. Gaur manifested itself in the form of an ISO certified school, which spreads over 10,000sqm of serene ambience, providing conducive & stimulating environment to all the learners. Since then, the school has set a new standard in shaping young minds.


To empower young learners to be crical thinkers, decision makers, and pioneer of good cause by instilling ethics and values in them. Thus, they will become ideal citizens.


Pedagogy is the science of art of education, when literally translated; it means ‘to lead a child’. We at JKG believe that the true purpose of education

  • Is to stimulate the creativity and the passion of the student’s mind & body
  • Is to give them wings
  • Is to allow them think freely
  • Is to spark that never satisfying inquisitiveness
  • Is that unquenchable thirst to innovate and experiment
  • Education is that mechanism by which young intelligent minds are converted into matured ignited minds, which clearly reflects our vision:

To accomplish our school vision “Darkness to Light”, We at JKG provide

  • A conducive environment for students to bloom
  • We strive to create a caring environment under the guidance of skilled teachers, to impart sound education inculcating among the students the habit of cooperation, discipline, self-confidence, regularity and punctuality
  • It is our effort- physical and intellectual both that helps us accolade child’s growth
  • Keeping in pace with the present progressing and competitive environment we must not restrict the child into conventional learning. With constructive vision and convection we can create excellence
  • To impart integrated education our school provides an amiable environment to our staff members