One of the basic aims of JKG International School is to nurture in students a sound mind and a strong value-driven character. The education given to the students should promote self-thinking and creativity. With this motto our school started “4.0 Experiential Learning” and the core components behind this states that “Integration with the syllabus should include creating a harmony of sense with sensibility, a connection between knowledge and application, and integrating human sciences with technological innovations”. It enables the students to grasp and retain the contents taught to them in a better way.

According to CBSE learning should be an active and goal-oriented process .The syllabus under CBSE curriculum is formed keeping in mind project-based learning which forms an active part of the classroom so that research capabilities are enhanced in the children and help them to connect the content of their learning areas and subjects with their own lives and the world around them.

With this motto Experiential Learning Initiatives are taken up by our school under the guidance of our teachers who conduct experiential activities in 4.0 experiential learning lab simultaneously related to the content and theory given in the prescribed syllabus.Teachers create a safe space for students to work through their own process of self discovery.Learning is enhanced by giving an opportunity for outdoor visit to our students. Over all ,its a great help to all the students, specially those who have trouble in learning within the formal classroom, and needs an alternate learning method in order to succeed.