The project was conducted for classes III- V where the students along with their collaborative partner school Al Shaheed Nabi Al Dahrawy School, Egypt had a small tour around the world travelling through various countries that are famous with their unique monuments considered recently as the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD. With this miniature tour in the form of PPT they were able to learn about these monuments and even the culture, tradition and much more about these countries. At the end of the project, students were able to understand about the features and various details like the period of their construction, time taken to build them and what impact it lays on the tourism of that country.


Fostering international dimension into the school curriculum through ISA, JKG International School, Vijay Nagar recently conducted a collaborative project with “Safak Medical and Vocational High School” from Istanbul and “Harris Junior Academy Carshalton” school from U.K under the program “Exchange of Cultures”. It was an enriching experience for the students of both the countries as it was a brilliant exchange of information regarding each other’s culture, food habits etc. to promote a healthy friendship and respect for each other.

SKYPE SESSION- “Safak Medical and Vocational High School” from Istanbul. Students of our school had a skype session with Safak Medical School students. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to them. It was a pretty interesting and fruitful thing to do, to talk share things, share information about each others' cultures, food habits, important things about countries!

We especially enjoyed their folk dance. It was absolutely brilliant! It was very heartening to see that they have all sorts of intriguing and interesting questions about our country and we hope we answered them to your fullest satisfaction. This interaction between us served as a brilliant exchange of information, ideas among each other. We especially liked the portion where you told us about the popular tourist places in your country and the food items in your countries, and the recipes behind them! We believe this ISA project was a brilliant idea to bring closer the children of 2 countries, not only to each other but to each others' cultures and promote a healthy love and respect for each other!

We sincerely hope, we can do this again some other time!